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J.Crew mainline store only, J.Crew Factory not supported yet.

Prices Updated Daily

We try to update every product daily, so that you can see the most up-to-date price history charts.

100% accuracy is not guaranteed, since prices are subject to change throughout the day.


Here are some features we currently offer:

  • Daily Price History
  • Advanced Product Search
  • Email Price Alerts

About Us

What we do

What We Do

The ThreadStats project started as a labor of love. The creator found a passion for affordable men's style by way of the /r/frugalmalefashion subreddit. The J.Crew store was one of his favorite places to shop, but it was difficult to figure out the right way and time to buy clothes there, and not end up spending a fortune.

As a result, he had to use trial and error to get the things he wanted, and for the most sensible price. After a while, he realized that there is demand for creating something that will help other people make similar choices. As a result, this project was born after several months of work.

How this works

How This Works

ThreadStats uses a robust search engine to provide you searchable product data for J.Crew mainline store products. You can apply various filters to find exactly what you need, including: sale percent-off, material type, fit type (classic, slim, etc.), price range, or whether an item is on sale right now.

Simply go here and start browsing by category, or search for what you want, whether it's a product code, product name, part of a description, etc.

Terms & Conditions / User Privacy

This tool is free to use, with no strings attached.

We don't sell any private user data without your consent. If you sign up for email alerts, we will contact you only as necessary, but don't intend to spam you.